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    Yasser Aboul-Fath Mousa

Block 33, Flat 13, Hadayek Helwan, Cairo, Egypt.
Telephone    : (+2 010 66 40 734) (+2 02 370 22 13)

E-mail                   : yasser_enc@resala.org
Nationality            : Egyptian
Marital Status      : Single
Birth date              : 25 March 1979

Military Status    : Completed



 Career Objective:

Building a growing career by obtaining a challenging position in the IT field.


Professional Certificates: 
bullet Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
bullet Cisco Wireless Account Manager (CWAM).
bullet Cisco Products Solutions Essentials (CPSE).
bullet Cisco Sales Expert (CSE).
bullet Certificate of Attendance (SQL 8i for NT, Developer 2000) in GIZA System Engineering S.A.E.
System Analysis
bullet Certificate in modeling a Geographic Information System (GIS) project for CUFE.


bullet Perfect Soldier certificate.
Future Plans
bullet Planning to achieve other Cisco Certificates such as CCNP, CCSP. "Currently in the BCRAN exam"
bullet Planning to achieve MCSE.
bullet B Sc. Computer Engineering - Cairo University. Ended at Nov 2001, Grade: Good, 4th Year Grade: Very Good.

Graduation Project: Email Server, Grade: Excellent.


bullet Egyptian Experimental Secondary School for Advanced Students in Ain Shams.  (This school is under German supervision)(Thanaweya Amma) (1996). Grade: 97.125 %
Military Service:


Started at 10-2001, promoted twice; to a sergeant, as awards for high level database programming incorporating AI and statistical data measures for providing decision support applications to the army.  Ended at 12-2002 with Good Leader evaluation and a bonus Perfect Soldier certificate.


Employment History:
bullet Media Group-El Maadi

Technical and Customer Support.                

June 1997 - Sep. 1997, 1st year summer vacation.

June 1998 - Sep. 1998, 2nd year summer vacation.


System Engineer & Networking Engineer.

June 1999 - Sep. 1999, 3rd year summer vacation.


bullet Eye Soft Computer Group-H Helwan

Networking Engineer, Programmer & Sales.

July 2001 - Oct. 2002, during army duty period.


bullet Egyptian Networking Consultation  (ENC)

Network Systems Engineer.

July 2001 - Oct. 2001, before army period...

Dec. 2002 Current.



o        Design, Install and Configure Cisco networking solutions with ability to use other vendors' products, such as 3Com, to provide alternative solutions.

o        Install and Configure Cisco Router 775, 801, 805, 1601, 1720, 1760, 2620XM, 3640A, 3745, 7206VXR.

o        Install and Configure Cisco Switches 2950-24, 2950T-24, 3524-24.


o        Install and Configure Cisco IP Phones 7960.

o        Good knowledge about using other Cisco devices.

o        Install 3Com Switches.

o        Good knowledge about IBM Routers and Switches.

o        Good knowledge about Lucent Routers, Switches and Firewall.

o        Expert in TCP/IP addressing and LAN administration.

o        Expert in socket programming.


Programming Languages:

o        Very good "Experienced" in Database programming using SQL and VB6. "In my army period".

o        JAVA. "Socket programming, final graduation project".

o        Good knowledge about ORACLE PLSQL and Developer.

o        Good knowledge about ASP, HTML.


Operating Systems:

o        All Microsoft platforms. MS Windows "Win9x, WinMe, Win 2000 Server, Win XP.

o        Good knowledge about UNIX, AS400.

Language skills:

o        ARABIC: Native.

o        ENGLISH: Excellent.

o        DEUTCH: Good.


Networking Projects

Site Name

Project Description


Faisal Islamic Bank

1.   Secured & Managed MPLS Network with ISDN backup

2.   Credit Risks project with CBE

MPLS, Cisco Router 26xxXM, Cisco R 17xx, Cisco Works, IP Phones 7960


1.   New branches installations.

2.   Clearing house troubleshooting

Cisco Router 17xx, 3640A, 7206VXR

Central Bank of Egypt

Secure & manageable Frame-Relay w/ ISDN "backup" connecting 51 Banks

Cisco Router 3745, Cisco Switch 3524

Misr Romanian Bank

1.   Frame relay with ISDN as a backup secured and managed network

2.   Clearing house & Credit Risks project with CBE

Cisco Router 26xx, 17xx, IP Phones 7960, Cisco Works for Windows, Lucent Routers, 3Com Switches

Jamal Trust Bank

1.   FR & ISDN secured managed network.

2.   Clearing house & Credit Risks project with CBE

Cisco Router 26xx, 17xx, IP Phones 7960, Cisco Works for Windows.

Egyptian Gulf Bank

Credit Risks project with CBE

Cisco 2620, IP Phone 7960

Misr Bank

Clearing House Project tie up all the bank branches to HO through ISDN

NT1 Plus USB

Citi Bank

Credit Risks project with CBE

Cisco 2620, IP Phone 7960

American Express

Clearing house & Credit Risks projects with CBE

Cisco Router 2650, 2503, 1721, IP Phones 7960,

Misr Iran bank

Voip solution

Cisco Voip solution

El Mohandes Bank

Cabling and N-Way LAN Solution

N-Way Switches

Suez Canal bank

VISA Frame Relay network.

Cisco Router 2620XM, 1760.


Wireless and ISDN secured solutions.

Cisco 700, Cisco Access Points, TrendNet AP

Egyptian Diary & Foodstuff company

1.   Secured & managed Cisco ISDN network connecting the company branches.

2.   "Export File"& "Competition" Programs

Cisco 700 ISDN Routers,        MS Access, VB 6.0

Toyota Egypt

New branches installations

Cisco 26xx, 17xx, Cisco Switches 2950 series

Central Security Forces

Secure Wireless (11 Mbps) network

Cisco wireless solution with 128 bit encryption.

Cairo International Conference Campus

Video conference solution

Cisco ISDN Routers, Win Net Meeting

Ministry of foreign trade

Secured Wireless Access Solutions

TrendNet AP, Cisco PCMCIA

Cisco Voice over IP solution

Cisco Router 1751-V

Educational Projects 

Project Name



Email Server Project

Graduation Project,  Email Server "from scratch", SMTP & POP3, includes all features

J Creator, VB 6, Oracle 8i for NT, Developer 2000, Flash, Director 8.5.

Infra Red Mouse

HW Wireless mouse using infra red.


ALU Simulation

Arithmetic logic Unit simulation using Altera MAX II +.

VHDL, AHDL, Altera MAX II +.


A code compiler supports coding techniques and syntax parsing.


Image Processing

An image enhancement program and nature statistics for bmp files.

Visual Basic

OS Simulator

Process-scheduling techniques program.

Borland C++

Hospital Manager

Object Oriented Database project

MSVC 6.0, Rational Rose 2000

HUB & NIC Simulating Circuit

HW allows 3 computers (up to 8 computers) of different speeds to communicate together through parallel port.

Turbo assembler 3

Borland C++

Faculty Control Manager

Relational Database project under Unix OS for a faculty "Control"


Borland C

Hotel Manager

Database project

Borland C++

Turbo Pascal 7



 Available upon request


Best Regards



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